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Sigma College of Nursing and Applied Sciences will endeavor to discover, educate, empower and commission individuals with the potential of serving in the health care field and allied health professions.

Mission Statement:

Sigma College of Nursing and Applied Sciences is dedicated to the preparation of interested, dedicated students, whose aims and objectives are to become trained and employed professionals in the field of healthcare and allied health professions.

Sigma College of Nursing and Applied Sciences was established on April, 2004 by two Jamaican born Nurses, Dr. Vanilyn Brown-Daley RN, MSc, PhD (President/CEO) and Dr. Maxine James-Francis PhD, RN, MS (Vice President).

They are at the highest level in professional nursing with strong clinical and managerial experience.

They both have over 30 years of experience in health care and have indicated commitment and loyalty to provide quality care to our diverse culture, hence the desire to establish a school of Nursing, thus helping to alleviate the severe shortage of trained healthcare professionals.


Sigma College of Nursing and Applied Science
“With Wings as Eagles”